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Zohn Rosen, PhD:

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rosen is the Managing Director of GRAPH (Global Research Analytics for Population Health), a think-tank within Columbia University’s School of Public Health that focuses on the cost effectiveness of corporate and public policy. He is also the founding Partner of Wellness Science, LLC, a company dedicated to delivering highly effective wellness solutions across a range of clients. Dr. Rosen has his doctorate in Experimental Psychology and been involved in both commercial and academic research studies primarily focused on behavioral health. With the formation of Wellness Science, Dr. Rosen’s work has turned toward behavioral economics, leveraging personal psychology as a means to positively influence health-related behaviors. When successful, this approach can have a significant impact not only on personal health, but also on productivity and healthcare costs within a company or population.

Please click on the link below to download Dr. Rosen’s curriculum vitae.

Rosen Curriculum Vitae


Leib Litman, PhD

Founder and President, Behavioral Psychology Division

Dr. Litman holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology and has significant research experience in both neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience. Dr. Litman’s current research focuses on the application of behavioral strategies for improving exercise compliance using mobile technology. He has an extensive background in both Experimental Psychology and health. Over the last five years he has helped secure and provided oversight of $3,000,000 in competitive research funding. Dr. Litman has his work published in scientific journals and he has given national and international symposiums on the subjects of behavioral psychology.


David Spierer, EdD

Founder and President, Human Physiology Division

Dr. Spierer is a former associate professor of exercise science in the Division of Athletic Training, Health and Exercise Science at Long Island University Brooklyn, New York. For more than 15 years, Dr. Spierer taught undergraduate courses in evaluation of fitness and foundations of exercise physiology and graduate courses in chronic disease and clinical exercise physiology. Dr. Spierer has developed a variety of clinical curriculum on the undergraduate and graduate level along with exercise science and fitness related affiliations. Dr. Spierer’s research includes investigations of stress (video gaming and vocal expression) and cardiovascular fitness and he has presented and published work regarding the reliability and validity of accelerometers.

Please click on the link below to download Dr. Spierer’s curriculum vitae.

Spierer Curriculum Vitae


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